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10 Questions to Ask Potential Builders

wooden house frame during construction

Do you have any concerns or foresee any problems with what we are planning? If your potential builder sees a problem in what you are planning you need to know about it as early as possible. A builder might raise questions about your existing house and structural system or have some useful feedback about the … Read more

Saving Costs in your construction project

Costs often spiral out of control in construction budgets, and the extra costs are not always where you think they might be. A building project requires the owners to make many choices on fixtures, fittings, floors and colours. It is not unusual for clients to spend $30,000 to $40,000 over their initial construction budget on … Read more

Solar Panels – is it worth it?

Installing solar power at our family home in Sunrise Beach, Queensland We installed a 3.0Kw solar array in June 2011. Our power bills each quarter were between $750 to $900 and rising. We are a household of 4 and run a home office, pool pump and occasionally air-conditioning in winter for heating and in summer for cooling. … Read more

MasterChef and cutting edge design

chefs preparing meals

The guest chefs combine flavours, textures and colours in new and unexpected ways. Their dishes are plated with a presentation that makes their food new and exciting. Over time many of these dishes will filter down into mainstream everyday cooking and become part of our diet. Think of how meat and three vegetables has now been … Read more