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House Plans

Do you want to be more involved in your home redesign? You probably have very clear ideas for improvements and changes. But you need a professional to review your home floor plans before you start construction.

At Soul Space, we have over 200 home design projects under our belts. You can tap into that experience by having us review your plans, checking their suitability and ‘construction-readiness’. We can also redraft your home floor plans to a professional standard, with the level of detail required for council permits and certifications. We can also assist with co-ordinating the structural engineering details so you have a set of documents ready to build.

Talk to us about your design and how it will support the lifestyle you want. We will totally respect your vision and your plans for changes. What we can add is our hard-earned knowledge and expertise, adding a final polish to your original ideas. If necessary, we can also guide you through the approvals process, ensuring your plans are workable and legal.