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Secondary Dwellings (Granny Flat)

You’re thinking about having an older parent, relative or older children come to live with you. You know that’s what you want but you also know that the arrangements have to work for everyone in the family. The goal is having the right amount of privacy balanced with the closeness that comes from sharing a home. The answer may be a ‘granny flat’ or secondary dwelling connected to the main house, or separate but built on the same land.

At Soul Space, we understand that from a home design plan point of view, a granny flat has to be both totally self-contained and aesthetically complementary to the main structure. With over 200 custom home designs completed, we have the know-how to create a secondary dwelling that not only fits with your home but enhances it.

We begin by meeting with you and hearing about the lifestyle you’re aiming for, and the individual needs of the members of the family. This conversation is the basis of the house design concepts we’ll put to you. Once we have an agreed design, we’ll produce 2D and 3D plans so you can see exactly how the different parts of the home will work together. We’ll also help with building certifications and permits. Everything you need to be build-ready.