Homes for Retirees or Semi-Retirees

It’s time to kick back a little. Maybe you’re looking at retiring or semi-retiring to the Sunshine Coast? The family’s all grown, possibly with families of their own. You’re looking ahead to life’s next stage and you need a home that’s right. The kids may have flown the nest but they come back and visit. You need a home that’s easy for you to live in, but also works for them.

Soul Space has extensive experience in designing new homes or home renovations to suit your particular requirements. Often, people are looking for something streamlined, probably single-level and easy maintenance. Maybe there’s another floor for visitors or even a self-contained studio on the block. All options that can make everyday life simpler in your very own ‘soul space’.

Designer Paul Hindes always starts with you. The first step is to understand exactly what you want from life. From your input, we provide a number of design concepts for you to see the potential of your property. From your chosen concept, we develop a detailed series of house design plans plus a 3D interactive version so you can see your home from every angle – really imagine yourself living there. We’ll take you through the process of getting the necessary building approvals. We can even put you in touch with builders and tradespeople from our network of contacts to give you peace of mind for a well-designed and well-built new home or home renovation.

Do you have a project in mind?

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