Buying and redeveloping an old townhouse can be an excellent investment with some professional help. Often, you’re looking to demolish the old building to make way for multiple dwellings on the same site. Done well, this kind of project results in very popular (and saleable) units for modern living.

At Soul Space Building Design, we understand the potential of this kind of project. A mix of dwellings and apartment types balanced with the aesthetics of the development will maximise your return. This balance needs a designer with an understanding of site coverage, gross floor area and landscaped area. However, the final home design must also be a very saleable product that’s attractive and sensibly priced for your target market.

Firstly, we want to understand your vision for the project, what you hope to achieve with it. From this conversation, we’ll provide you with a range of design concepts to choose from. We’ll work up your chosen home design into detailed plans that are fully compliant with local and state building regulations. With our long experience in the trade and a strong body of completed developments, your investment project will be off to the best possible start.

Have a look at one of our projects.

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