Airbnb Accommodation

In the new sharing economy, a lot of people are looking to make the most of their resources. And for most of us, our biggest resource is the home we live in. Living on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, many tourists want to visit and have an authentic experience with locals. With websites like Airbnb maybe you’re seeing online opportunities in adding an extra apartment to your property?

As with any secondary dwelling space, it needs to be self-contained and private. The ideal is for the space to have its own entry which would make it stand out from a lot of Airbnb’s more ‘shared’ accommodation. Similarly, an advantage of using a professional home designer is that distinct characteristics or features can be created which can make your property distinct to Airbnb travellers.

First of all, we ask you to talk us through your plans. Exactly what kind of apartment or accommodation are you thinking of? How many do you hope to host? Is it just for summer rentals or year-round? Once we fully understand your needs, we’ll produce a series of design concepts for you to consider. With an approved choice, we move on to creating construction-ready plans and drawings. You’ll be included every step of the way, down to the final details. We’ll also take you through the council approvals and permits process. Building designer and Soul Space owner Paul Hindes also holds an MBA. He can assist you in understanding the real returns your property may give and even help you put together a business plan if you want to borrow funds for the build. Soul Space can assist in all the planning to invest in your home.

Do you have a project in mind?

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