Sea or Tree Change to the Sunshine Coast

If you are a retiree or downsizer with a home in a capital city, you might be considering a sea or tree change to regional coastal towns.

For many retirees or downsizers, the family home and superannuation form the majority of their financial assets. Many retirees might also face retirement with a mortgage. Downsizing from the city to a regional town could free up funds that can be used for a more enjoyable retirement.

For example, the average Sydney well-maintained family home costs about $2.5m. A new or newer home close to the ocean or acreage property on the Sunshine Coast costs about $1.5m. For a downsizer, selling their Sydney home and relocating to the Sunshine Coast could potentially free up around $1m in their home asset. This could fund a very comfortable lifestyle – talk to your financial adviser for advice appropriate to you.

Moving from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast may seem like a leap too large: it’s so far away, are there good facilities there, are there adequate hospital and medical services and is there anything to do?

The Sunshine Coast is growing and maturing with close connections to Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. There are multiple daily flights from the Sunshine Coast airport to Sydney and Melbourne. The airport is expanding with a second runway that will take international flights to SE Asia. The Sunshine Coast University Hospital has just been completed and it is one of the most advanced hospitals in the country. There are a lot of GP and specialist doctors on the Sunshine Coast (why wouldn’t a doctor want to live here?) who have capacity for new patients. A new city is being constructed in Maroochydore that over the next 20 years will house new and sea-change businesses, providing new employment opportunities, particularly for growing families. Apart from the new developments, there is plenty to do on the Sunshine Coast. With its sub-tropical warm weather year-round, there are plenty of outdoor activities, beaches, festivals and events that keep tourists and locals enjoyably occupied.

In comparison to Sydney and Melbourne, the Sunshine Coast is an affordable, less-crowded and enviable location to live. For the downsizers or retirees who want a tree or sea change, the move could potentially free up some capital held in the family home.

Soul Space has designed many homes for downsizers and retirees, and principal designer, Paul Hindes, has a good understanding of the unique requirements needed to achieve the optimal design for lifestyle. Paul and his family relocated from Sydney in 2005, so he has a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities the move brings.

Please contact us if you would like some advice on relocating, renovating or building a new home on the Sunshine Coast.

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