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We provide customised creative services to select clients who understand the value of professional design.

Soul Space Design

is based in the coastal town of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland in Australia.

We are an international design business, working for local clients, as well as clients in the USA, Latin America and the Australasia region.


Building Design Commercial & Residential

When it comes to great building design, some of our favourite words are: elegance, efficiency, and innovation. Whatever the purpose of the building – a home, a shop fit out, a hotel – the light and space must flow, the design must be unique, and of course it must be energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Our distinctive homes and buildings are individually designed to suit both client’s needs and site opportunities.

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Graphic &Web Design Print & Websites

From a custom made logo to a complete brand identity for print and online media, we make sure your business looks good. And our social media know-how means we can also manage how you come across in the digital arena. What’s more, we’ll handle all your business content needs, ensuring that your website, sales pages, even your blog are irresistible to customers and search engines alike.

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Social Media For Business

No business can afford to ignore social media but not every business understands it. We do. We understand hashtags, memes, mash-ups, microblogging and more – so you don’t have to. Of course, you still hold the reins. Through a nifty control panel, you can read, review and edit the content we write for you. You can also add your own. You keep control of your business’s social media presence, we just do the heavy lifting to make it easier.

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eBooksBook design & Co-Publishing

Have you written a book but not published it yet? Do you have book inside you but don’t know how to get it out? Are you an expert and want to publish a book to boost your business? We help bring your book to life. Research, professional editing, book covers, layout, typesetting, authors’ websites, publish on Amazon and print on demand through CreateSpace. We specialise in non-fiction books written by experts in their field and the path to publishing has never been easier.

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News & Blogs

Building Design

Mar 22

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Mar 22

Solar Panels – is it worth it?

We installed a 3.0Kw solar array in June 2011. Our power bills each quarter were between $750 to $900 and rising. We are a household of 4 and run a home office,...


Graphic,Web,Social & Ebooks

Apr 06

The 7 different types of logos for small to medium businesses, which one is right for yours?

A logo is just a logo, right? Or do they fall into certain categories or types? The short answer is yes - there are different approaches to logo design for small...

Apr 06

How graphic design services are priced

As graphic design is not a regulated or protected industry in Australia anybody with a computer can claim to offer 'graphic design services'. Because of that,...


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